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Fly Premier Airlines From Nairobi‚Kenya to Mogadishu‚Somalia

Fly Premier operates flights from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport‚ Nairobi to Mogadishu‚ Somalia on Fridays‚ and Sundays.

In Somali land visitors can experience its fascinating culture and enjoy its natural attractions‚ bask on pristine beaches and trek across arid mountains.

The Somali’s ecotourism industry is finding its footing after two decades of fraternal civil war. The conflict may have destroyed lives and property and displaced wildlife‚ but Somalia is still blessed with a wide range of natural and cultural values that makes ecotourism a highly viable and potentially valuable investment.
Needless to say‚ Somalia has the longest coastal line in Africa‚ stretching about 3‚333 km. This means its beaches are vast and diverse.

In the early 70s and 80s‚ Somalia was enviously perceived as one the most fascinating touristic destinations in the Horn of Africa‚ due mainly to its striking beaches‚ kind and friendly people‚ exotic cuisine‚ luxurious accommodation‚ serenity and more.

Somalia has unexploited architectural heritage and beautiful pristine beaches that are of great tourism value. Some of those destinations are Sinbusi and Baravo beaches in lower Shabelle‚ Bush-Bush national Park‚ and Goobweyn in Lower Jubba (where Jubba River and the Indian Ocean meet). Others include Hafuun (the Horn of Africa) in Barri‚ Daalo Mountain in Sanaag‚ rivers Shabelle and Jubba‚ and many other natural destinations.

In early 2012‚ Mogadishu‚ the heart of Somalia‚ started to invite Somali investors to rebuild and construct the country‚ especially in tourism and hospitality. The country had found peace. The investments in hospitality started to create job opportunities for young Somali boys and girls.

The building of hotels and restaurants in the town and on the beaches played a huge role in the country’s economic recovery‚ peace progress and social reintegration.

Before the civil war‚ Mogadishu was lined up with trees filled with the fragrance of flowers and menthol‚ fine architecture‚ splendid weather and revitalising atmosphere. It was simply one of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

There were many other regions in Somalia with modern hotels and restaurants that were not much affected by the war. Some of such destinations quickly recovered in late of 1990s.

For the time being‚ Somalia offers tourists a wide range of experiences‚ such as beautiful beaches with golden and white sand‚ waterfalls‚ hot springs‚ caves‚ bird watching‚ diving‚ river cruising and the damage caused by the civil war in what is referred to “Dark Tourism” (for visitors to appreciate the impact of war). There are also historical sites in the country‚ some of which were built centuries ago.